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ABOUT US & WHAT IS b2mideast ?

b2mideast has started its publication life with the experts of the magazine sector and experts from UBB Consulting, which has been providing professional consultancy services in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) for a long time.

It is still the first and only publication operating in this region. Due to the current features carrying, it is also a first in the world literature. Investors are also privileged owner of the other Turkish magazine Azura News, which is currently the unique in the region.

The publishers have determined the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and other Arab League countries as the target market and established their center in the State of Qatar, which attracts attention with its dynamic market and the world's richest economy.

Objective is to increase commercial cooperation and trade volume by bringing Turkish companies/investors and GCC companies/ investors on a legal and professional platform; and to provide further support to cultural interaction in a positive way.


The design of the b2mideast is unique. It is the one and the first in the world.


Readers and customers can read b2mideast on their computers, tablets, phones as pdf, e-book, and flip-book and easily access the contents.

Readers can also watch the magazine in video format, watch the videos and listen to the music in the contents. Those who wish can save the magazine in the format they want, print it, and share it on any online platforms. They can also reach the companies they want to contact directly by clicking on the links in the ads in the magazine and can contact them directly and instantly. The advertisers can print the high resolution pdf format of the magazine and distribute it as hard copy.

b2mideast carries advertisers not only to the country and regional markets targeted, but also to the world trade and cultural interaction showcase. Thus, the advertisements published are not limited to a shallow audience but are subject to the world trade volume of over 100 Trillion US Dollar and settle on this platform.

Published online, interactively and offered free to the target customers, the magazine, carries the advertisers from the advertisement dimension (ad only) to the dimension of advertainment.

Since separate and special SEO arrangements are made for the advertisements which are subject to each magazine content, the ads reach the target audience successfully and the advertisers are given a serious feedback, thus the advertisements given by the advertisers are prevented from remaining on the shelf due to unsold hard copy magazines or being taken over by mostly unrelated audiences.

b2mideast advertisers are given high resolution pdf file of the magazine, page and content files in jpeg and png formats, printable e-book and flip book format, and publishing-sharing links of the magazine. In this way, advertisers can send their advertisements to their customers and target audiences or share them in digital media they wish and interact with viewers.


Therefore, the advertisers of the magazine gain the right to take initiative and use over the advertisements they have made for the first time and they gain a concrete additional benefit from the advertisement they give.

The magazine keeps forever the issues published on the internet and the shares of these issues in digital environment. This benefit equals the time period required for advertisers to reach their target audience.

Our magazine establishes a measurable, unlimited and maximum benefit environment to the advertisers with prices starting from 50 US Dollars.

All these features make our magazine the first and only in the world in terms of its effects and unique structure.

Most of the world trade is done over the internet.

The only platforms supporting the social life, trade chain that have been broken during the recent Corona Outbreak and survives are digital platforms and the digital world. The use of these platforms and their contents - programs saved the world from literally turning off the switches and getting into a big mess.

This circumstance indicates that, today and in the future, important part and even almost all of life, commerce and social-cultural interaction will be shaped in the digital world; and the more successful this shaping is completed, the larger slice can be taken from the current cake.

Now, the number of people and companies that follow the world and global trends on their mobile phones, tablets, online platforms they are members of,  shape their presence in the digital world are tens of thousands more than those who buy and read hard copy medias.

Join the world of b2mideast.

Let's move you, your company, your product or service from b2b, b2c to b2w (business to world).

The world will recognize you and you will feel the difference! ...